• Always carry important documents manuals in your hand bag before check in.
  • Your Medical certificates and X Rays if any should also be carried in your hand bag
  • You may require to show them to the Passport Officer in U.K. or U.S.A.
  • If you are travelling from India to USA you are usually allowed to check in with two bags upto 30 kgs each.
  • If you are traveling to U.K. - you will be allowed to check in with one bag upto 20 kgs. In addition to the above you will also be allowed to carry one hand bag (not more than 5 kilos on to the aircraft with you).


In UK and USA you can drink water from the tap in most places unless you are specifically advised not to do so.

Milk is available in cartons at any food shop and is also pasteurized so you need not boil it again. You can carry cooking dry masalas to UK but no food items allowed for USA.

For your information, there are many Indian grocery shops and restaurants in both UK and USA so you should have no difficulty in buying cooking ingredients


You are advised not to carry more than one sweater with you for your immediate needs as there are excellent low priced shops in both UK and USA where you should be available to buy a complete set of winter clothing including leather boots, caps, gloves, overcoats, etc within about Rs.10,000/- All homes and places of work are adequately heated maintaining a normal temperature throughout the year.

Always be polite and courteous, the citizens in these Countries are very particular. Say "Please" and "Thank You" whenever required. They are also offended if you stare at them without any reason.

We are currently located in Bombay, the commercial capital of India, and are licensed by the Ministry of Labour. We have recently diversified into recruitment for the International
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