The United Kingdom is one of the oldest countries in the world, consisting of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It is a democracy run according to the parliamentary system, with Tony Blair as the current Prime Minister, with a population of approximately 60 million people. Dating back from the first Celtic immigrants around 800 BC to today, the country is filled with diversity and the richest cultural heritage. England is a diverse destination with something to suit everyone. Busy vibrant cities such as Newcastle, Leeds and London, invigorating, lively seaside towns such as Blackpool and Newquay, beautiful countryside and rural villages with their churches, pubs and greens in places such as the Cotswolds and the Yorkshire Dales. It also holds some of the world's finest museums and art galleries.

The UK also has one of the world's best public transport systems. The world-renowned red buses and black taxis can take you to your destination with the greatest of ease. However, the train system is probably the most convenient and cheapest of all, especially in large metropolises such as London and Birmingham. It takes no longer that 5 hours to get to any point in the country.

The UK is also famous for it's weather. Though the rain and wet weather may seem dull to some, in England the weather adds to the gorgeous countryside and rolling hills. The summers however, are in a league of their own. Summers usually run from may through august and winter from November to February. It is advised that you purchase winter wear in the UK itself, as it will be cheaper, better quality and a lot less weight to carry overseas. You should set aside approximately 150 pounds (10000 rupees) to buy clothes and various amenities.

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